Get Ethical! is an interactive project launched by medical students at King's College London to bring the medical ethics curriculum to life, and to make it as useful as possible for students as they progress through the years, from preclinical to clinical, and onwards.
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Medical students: On Get Ethical!, we offer you the opportunity to:

- explore how your own personal ethics guide your decisions
- get frameworks for working through ethical dilemmas
- revise for your Ethics exams
- keep track of your ethical dilemmas which need to go on your FY1 application form
- get engaged in medical ethics: get ethical!

Use of this website is FREE. If you do not wish to register, simply log in as a Guest anywhere you are prompted. Please note that some features require registration so your work can be retained from visit to visit.

Available Courses

  • Discover or get reacquainted with the basic concepts of medical ethics: the main Ethical Theories, the 4 Principles, the Hippocratic Oath, Duties of a doctor and Confidentiality.
    Find out what type of ethics guide your decision-making with an interactive test, and learn about other ways of thinking too!
  • Using films, case scenarios and other illustrative material, we set out to understand the ethical bearings on a selection of situations and themes that come up in clinical practice, and which form the basis of the King's College London medical ethics curriculum.
  • This course allows guest users to enter  
    Make medical ethics work for you - these tools will help you on the way!

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